17 thoughts on “GOLD ALERT: Daily Trade Triangle buy signal @ $1,429.59

  1. What awful timing. Started going down (WAAAAAY down) almost immediately from the buy signal. Three hours after the signal was given you were down over $1750 per contract! Sure if you had a stop greater than $17.75 it ended up working out in the end but how many people have a stop that big?

  2. this is ajmal i losst my all money in forex i need your help in forex if you have experence in forex pleas help

  3. có khả năng vàng vào tháng 8-tháng 11 năm 2011 sẽ có giá 1550-1620
    đó là cách nhận định riêng mong các bạn hay câu lạc bộ đóng góp ý kiến và hướng dẫn cho mình nhiều kinh nghiệm tìm xu hướng hay cách thức giao dịch chắc hơn

  4. hi Adam,
    I was of of the market for 8 days and I entered yesterdays NYclose @1422.Do u think I should sell on the 1445 res area,or wait for the next flag which might stretch to the 1500 area..

  5. In the most mischievous way I have to ask what time that was, exactly, Adam? It's been a wild ride in the precious metals market today. 🙂

  6. it would be helpful if you gave the exact issue/stock/etf by which you entered the spot gold market.

  7. tough call

    put me down as not buying it

    but i've been wrong in the short term plenty of times

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