The United States Government Is Shutting down...April Fools???

There is one final week left in the deadline for Congress to compromise on the remaining 2011 budget. If they do not succeed, we will have a government shutdown on our hands. This would greatly affect the markets and has many traders treading lightly until April 8th passes.

How will you trade in the upcoming week?

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28 thoughts on “The United States Government Is Shutting down...April Fools???

  1. gday rick,if you want to trade the etf's of the emerging marketS,You can bring up the charts free from just enter the code for the countries you are interested in trading or ask your broker for the index codes of the countries you want to trade and bring up the charts using your data supplier.gday dave j

  2. I know my last couple of comints were off track . (SORRY)Let the Gov. shut down ! 95% of them aren't doing any thing anyway. This country needs to start over and find some people that put Honor and morals first, before themselves!

  3. Hey Leigh, Thank's for the tip or link to Tim Sykes . I did go to the link and after reading it and looking over Tim's Blog. I did find more info on ALZM than what he was saying about it . I guess he really didn't get the fact that It's better for a company to sell thier stock to gather funs they need , than to take on debt! The company really doesn't have alot out standing shares and at earlier the same day they anounced they had filed for a patten on thier research ! I feel Medical research Stocks are Risky and some have a hard time dealing with stocks that can rinch the gut like this one can . Feel everyone should do thier own research but find out what others have to say about it as well! Tim Sykes in my veiw of him is very low because he sounds more like a smart ass in his Blog than anything and although he may be having some good luck on some picks He gives off alot of bad vibes. I'm trading stocks for the fun of it not to pay my bills with or to brag about how much I'm making on it and that's what I feel will get to most people in the end!

  4. Whatever the us govt decides it does not worry me or harm my trades as I trade emerging markets and foreign etf's,as well as forex. I have made bigger returns than I could have in the us or the vietnam,thailand,brazil,china,indian,mexican,markets and etf's so if you want to enhance your trading/investing go offshore these countries are growing and they do not have an aging baby boomer population to support nor are they broke,like the us and europe.You can trade foreign etf's through your broker in the us as easy as you can a us stock gday from down under dave j

  5. Do you really believe your congressmen and politicians will abandon their big fat salary packs ? ? ?

  6. Many talk like it is foregone conclusion that Republicans would take a hit if there is a shutdown. They say that Clinton snookered them in 1990s so-called shutdown. Well, Repubs only lost 2 seats in the next election when normal patterns would have had them losing many more, and they accomplished the shrinking deficits and balanced budget that lasted several more years. Now, the sentiment is even more in favor of getting the deficits under control. If "shut-down" is necessary to get the right budget, then let it happen.

  7. Najamm, I think you have horse sense, please email me with any other thoutghts. I just shorted the SP (making new highs) by the seat of my pants. The triangles have it at almost 100% uptrend.

  8. The best thing that could happen is if the govt. were to shut down. The politicians in office would be doing a heck of a lot less damage. Keep them shut down until 2012 for all I care. It would prove that less govt. is a good thing!!!

  9. Only the public side of government would shut down. The big business side will never shut down.

  10. I actually think a limited shut down of non-essential areas will help the markets. The biggest problem for the markets at present is the uncontrolled spending and a line in the sand will send the right message long term.

  11. If the government has shut down in Jan 2009 we wouldn't be in the financial crises we are now facing.

  12. The US Govt. can never shutdown. This is a nation of pro-active human beings no matter how good or bad.

  13. If the US government had shut down in Jan.2009, we wouldn't be in the downward spiral we're now in.

  14. I'd have to go with ErikT on this, except they are charging us for keeping up those appearances, so they're not really shut down -- just the service delivery to citizens part, which has been going south in favor of cronyism for a long while now. They're still delivering services to their pals in the financial business.
    The IRS is still going full blast for use "little people". They are just "saving money" by not enforcing on the big entities.

    I tend to be positioned for big swings anyway, so it might be interesting and fun. Keep some dry powder (cash) in case that pearl of great price appears -- it might. And if things really tank, well, you'll have the cash where you don't lose it. I tend to not be "all in" these days, just enough to make me pay attention and to catch the good gaps.

    So gold goes down a day or so after MC flashes a buy -- are we buying on dips, then? Seems like this "fear off" might be pretty temporary when people realize how cooked the good numbers are, again...

  15. I really don't thank Goverment is going to shut down . I feel they are just trying to scare people . That way when they make very little cut's at all most people that are Goverment deppendint wont change thier way of thinking about what's really wrong about what thier doing in the first place! All an All , It's Hog Wash!

  16. So far my trading exreriance has shown me that it is best to trade with the trend, if there is any.
    If the upcomming weak proves to be out of the ordinary volatile, then, because I 'm not very experienced trader, I 'll just stay in the sidelines until things get back to normal.
    Hopfully we 'll get some help from the Trade Triangles, hehehe!

  17. el mercado tiene la capacidad de hacer creer que lo sabes todo sobre trading. y al mismo tiempo te hace sentir que no sabes nada de nada.
    Y por eso es tan importante, la experiencia y las observaciones.
    todo lo mejor guy´s.

    "the market has the ability to make believe that you know all about trading. and at the same time makes you feel that you know nothing about anything.
    And it is so important, experience and observations."
    "all the best guy's."

    Translated using Google Translate - Jeremy

  18. could go either way cause panic selling or rally dow 300 like it's good news wall street wild wild west mad max

  19. One could argue that the government has been shutdown for years. They're just keeping up appearances.

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