In memory of...

"Let every nation know,
whether it wishes us well or ill,
that we shall pay any price,
bear any burden, meet any hardship,
support any friend, oppose any foe
to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

- John F. Kennedy

MarketClub would like to take today to acknowledge all of our veterans, fallen and living, and thank you for all that you do for this great nation! Our offices will be closed today for this purpose, but we look forward to being back tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “In memory of...

  1. Freedom isn't "free" & government control over our lives leads to dictatorship. This happened in Germany as Hitler's way to come to power under the National Socialist Worker's Party (the NAZI's). Fellow Veterans & Fellow Citizens: WAKE UP!!!

  2. There was a time that the United States of America was a great nation and it came to help Europe for which my parents, we, our children and our grandchildren are and will continue to be grateful. However times have changed and this is great pity for everyone in the US and the rest for the world. Maybe one day it will become again ? A lot will need to be changed and not only in the US.



  3. My wife and I served in the army during WW11. The proudest memories of our lives. She has joined the 1000 vets that we are losing daily. God Bless
    those remaining. Capt. Henry M.Chakoian, Dental Corp, AUS.

  4. God Bless & watch over our men and woman who keep us Free. as freedom is not free for they give of themselves for us

  5. Yes, indeed. The men & women in uniform should be remembered specially the ones that cannot stand before you anymore, the one's that gave the ultimate sacrifice. The Fallen that gave all unselfishly like Sgt Christian B Williams that was killed in Iraq by a suicide Bombers. When I think of him, I also remember the others that died with him. Semper Fidelis is the right words.

  6. ''All gave some, some gave all''
    -- in memory of Curtis Andersen, Jim Pettey, Ed Cox, Jim Flurry (Vietnam, 1968-69).

  7. From a fellow 24 year Veteran that is currently still serving I wouild like you to know that your thoughts and thankfullness are greatly appreciated

  8. i remenber the 1,505 inf 82 airborn my har goes out to them for the hardship they go throw while on dute

  9. That JFK was a true patriot unlike the current President. Unfortunately, most of the corrupt government officials of late and today in America don't support true liberty and could care less about our Constitution. Our recent wars prove that and look what they did to JFK!

  10. Truly a class act. Thank you for remembering his vision of freedom for all Americans.

  11. Thank You Jennifer. It's just wonderful that you have remembered our fallen heroes. Freedom isn't free. You must pay the price you must sacrifice for your liberty. Never forget those that have sacrificed for us, NEVER.

  12. The quote is very appropriate considering that it ends with ". . . and the success of liberty", NOT . . and the success of democracy. As democracy is merely mob rule.

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