Last Chance!

No one can be successfully accurate at predicting the least not on a regular basis. But when there's an Android Tablet to win, you might as well try!

If you have been following our blog in the last month, then you know all about our prediction challenge. If you haven't already emailed your predictions for the DJI and DX for the end of QE2, do so now! You have until the end of today (11:59 p.m. ET) to submit your winning guess to Je******@in*.com

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  1. DJIA 6/30/11 = 12,100 fundamentals show weakening, with housing slump, real unemployment, real disposable income is stressed, credit managers index moving lower, however, this month could be a surprise with quarter end window dressing by large funds.

    DX QE2, = 72

  2. No chance exists of predicting an accurate outcome. Too many volatile factors and speculation exists in the markets.

  3. Dear MC: DJI to remain flat or little growth. Precious metals about the same. Too
    much going on in the government sector and housing declining and unemplyoment slight increase. Both foreign and domestic policies are waining. Devaluation of
    the US Dollar is worrying everyone but should help the precious metals market.
    Big GOV is virus to the US economy. Sounds pessimistic, but there's alot out
    there and my portfolio is perfect for right now with 75% gains overall. You just
    have to pay attention, REAL ATTENTION, daily. As my broker says, "Pull the weeds
    and water the flowers". Hope Q3 tells us something more.
    Regards, Hewison

    Ron Hill

  4. NEW economic MODEL needed for GLOBAL economics and COMMERCE
    May 31, 2011
    by Don SwensonLet’s review the OLD model of economics so we can understand the NEW model

    Economics is now a global enterprise and the current model that is being followed is becoming more archaic and dysfunctional. We now need a NEW economic model for our emerging global economic system. All of economics is now a global enterprise as our new technologies have created a new world of globalization and interdependence. Why do we now need a new model? Let’s review the philosophy and fundamentals of the OLD model so we can discern why we need a NEW model…going forward!

    Economics is based on logic and philosophy and a worldview of reality. The model which we have followed these past 200 plus years has been called Capitalism or Free Market Economics. This model is fundamentally based on the philosophy of MATERIALISM. Materialism is a philosophy of reality which proposes that ‘matter’ and derivatives of ‘matter’ are all that exist. As we look out at our Universe, we observe ‘matter’ in motion in all directions.

    All the resources from which economics creates wealth are viewed as physical or material. All the GOODS which make up our accumulations of wealth are derived from ‘matter’ (our physical resources). All our efforts to improve our lifestyle and well-being have been based on increasing our material resources (cars, homes, furnishings, buildings, clothing, mobile phones, computer devices, airplanes, oil, food, etc.). All these GOODS are material items and derived from ‘matter’. Science and philosophy have promoted a world of materialism or ‘matter’ and our education system has reinforced this model of reality! What, however, is now emerging to challenge this view of reality?

    Matter is the physical substance which makes up all that we observe with our eyes and which composes our body/brain entity. Most of us think of ourselves as body/brain beings who pursue a lifestyle of mostly material things and goods for our consumption and enjoyment. We even think of ourselves as having evolved from ‘matter’ and energy (Evolution). Science has promoted the concepts of materialism as the fundamentals of reality and all that exists or all that is REAL. The philosophy of science has defined all concepts as ‘things’ which must then be defined as ‘matter’. Even such concepts as LIFE and MIND have been defined and viewed as derivations of ‘matter’ or ‘matter in motion’ (energy). This mindset has been promulgated via all our education systems and institutions (including most of religion).

    We have all been educated with the idea and worldview that ‘matter’ and ‘energy’ are at the core of reality and all that is real. In the area of economics, we have been educated to think of MONEY as some ‘thing’ which exists within space/time. We have been educated to think of our DOLLAR as a ‘thing’ which is composed of ‘matter’. Our financial institutions show us pictures of a paper dollar and this gives us the impression that ALL dollars are paper units. We have also been educated to think of numbers and symbols ($1.00 and multiples thereof) as a ‘thing’ or unit of ‘matter (a derivation from our brain). All this education and media promulgation has deceived us into thinking that MATERIALISM (matter in motion) is all that is real and all that is experienced.

    We now have a global system of currencies (units of ‘numbers’ and ‘names’) which we view as MATERIAL units. We witness paper currencies such as the yen, pound, peso, yuan, ruble, dollar, real, rupee, dinar, etc. and we think of these units as our physical MONEY. Most participants in the global marketplace are totally UNAWARE of the real nature and the origin of these ‘names’ and ‘numbers’ (called money). Where do ‘names’ and ‘numbers’ really derive from? What is a ‘name’ (say dollar) or a ‘number (1.00)…in reality? Who creates these currency units and what is their ‘nature’ (in reality)? Are ‘names’ and ‘numbers’ (our money today) units of ‘matter’ or units of ‘mind’? Are we still living in a MATERIAL universe…given today’s economic transactions and today’s concepts of economics? What is reality and what is illusion?

    What does the concept of VALUE mean today? Why is this basic concept of economics now subjective or MIND derived? Why are the basic concepts of economics now NON-MATERIAL or derived from our non-material and subjective CONSCIOUSNESS? What is ‘consciousness’ or ‘mind’…when compared to the materialistic concepts of body/brain? Why do we now need a NEW model for economics which represents the current NON-MATERIAL realities that we all experience in the marketplace? What is the key issue that has changed global economics and which we now need to understand and internalize?

    I would maintain that the KEY change which has occurred and which is changing all of the global economic concepts is our AWARENESS of our CONSCIOUSNESS. People, all around our planet, are now becoming AWARE that their ‘consciousness’ transcends ‘matter’ and ‘energy’. People are now becoming AWARE that their MIND is separate and distinct from their BRAIN/BODY. People are now becoming AWARE that DUALISM is how we all THINK about reality. What is DUALISM and why does this philosophy of thinking change all of economics?

    Dualism is the philosophy which puts a priority on our subjective THINKING and our MIND as core realities (fundamental realities). We all recognize that we have a brain and body that is physical and observable. We can SEE this reality as we relate to others in the marketplace. But what is our MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS? Why is our ‘mind’ or ‘consciousness’ a non-material reality and a reality which we now must recognize within all economic thinking and models? The key to all this change and new thinking…which has emerged…is the nature of our money today.

    Historically, MONEY has always been a physical item from nature…such as silver, gold, or paper. We have all exchanged and denominated our exchanges for VALUE via these physical units of money. These physical units assisted us in supporting the philosophy of MATERIALISM and OBJECTIVISM. We view our ‘dollar’ as a physical unit. We viewed the concept of ‘value’ as a physical concept. We viewed the concept of ‘time’ as a physical concept. Materialism helped us all think as brain/body individuals. Our education system reinforced this mindset and model of the Universe. All that we experienced was viewed as physical and part of the ‘material’ universe. Why is all this changing and why do we now need a NEW MODEL for economics and for the foundation of reality?

    Economics is basically a SOCIAL science…based on the subjective decisions of people in the marketplace. The core concept of Economics is the concept of ‘value’. Historically, we all viewed this concept as an objective reality. This seemed logical and real when our ‘dollar’ was defined as silver or gold and when we all had the option to convert our ‘dollars’ into this physical commodity. The ‘dollar’ seemed like a unit of silver or gold as this ‘name’ (dollar) was imprinted on each unit of currency. We also exchanged our ‘dollar’ mostly via coins or paper notes. This all seemed like this experience fit into the MATERIALISTIC philosophy which science and our education systems promoted. What has changed?

    What now has changed is our AWARENESS of where these units of money derive from. We are all now becoming AWARE that units of money (dollars, pounds, yen, etc.) really don’t EXIST as material objects or things within space and time. We now witness specific CENTRAL BANKERS (such as Ben Bernanke, Jean-Claude Trichet, or Mervyn King) create these units…out of ‘nothing’ or out of ‘thin air’. The QE policies of all the central bankers has made the astute market observers’ AWARE that money (dollars, pounds, euros) emerge out of ‘nothing’. Just what is ‘nothing’ or ‘thin air’?

    What our Central Banker’s do to increase units of ‘dollars’, ‘pounds’, or ‘euros’ is simply create these units by a decision. We call this a policy decision or quantitative easing. We have watched our key policymaker, Ben Bernanke, create $trillions of digits (called dollars) by just thinking up numbers (recently $600 billion) and then having these numbers created digitally by punching numbers into a computer. The computer at the New York Federal Reserve building has been the tool used to store all these newly created digits (called dollars). This process is no longer a material or physical process. Money is no longer minted or coined or even created as paper notes (for the most part). Most of the units created today (some 95+percent) are merely digits in the computer screen.

    So what is money today and what is our DOLLAR today…given these new realities? I would maintain that MONEY today is derived from the ‘consciousness’ of Central Banker’s and then represented as virtual units within the computer screen (virtual numbers). This new reality is no longer part of a ‘material’ philosophy. What we call Capitalism or Free Market Economics today is much different from the old model philosophy of Adam Smith or even John Maynard Keynes. Today, money is created ‘out of nothing’…really the non-material ‘consciousness’ of Central Bankers. So what is CONSCIOUSNESS? How should we all view ‘consciousness’?

    Science and philosophy has not given us a definitive conclusion on the issue of ‘consciousness’. We all live and have our being within our ‘consciousness’ and most religions would view ‘life’ as non-material. Science and philosophy, however, has not reached this conclusion to date. Within economics and monetary philosophy, however, we now have evidence that our ‘dollar’ and all global currency units are ‘nothing’ (derived from the MIND’S of specific policy individuals). We witness this as all the QE policies are decided and then implemented. Units of money are derived from specific MIND’S (another ‘name’ for ‘nothing’) and then distributed via the computers as virtual digits. What should we call this new NON-MATERIAL philosophy and reality?

    Personally, I would maintain that we are now living with a NEW MODEL of economics even though many still are UNAWARE of this new model. We have now entered the realm of the spiritual and/or the non-material. Consciousness and the mind are new realities which we all need to understand and internalize. Few seem AWARE of this new model that our Central Banker’s are using. Few seem AWARE that we have now entered the REALM of the spiritual within global economics and monetary policy. The new reality is that all our monetary units (dollar, pound, yen, etc.) are really non-material units. All our money, today, should be viewed as part of a new realm of reality (the non-material realm). Kingdom Economics is AWARE of this new model and reality.

    In conclusion, the consequences of this NEW MODEL will likely be more confusion, subjectivity, and volatility. All the ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ being distributed today as money are part of this non-material reality. To understand this situation many astute investors and savers are now going back to a physical unit as their ‘store of value’. Silver and Gold are now becoming new units representing a ‘store of value’ for a growing number of astute investors, hedge funds, and sovereign wealth funds. The awareness of global investors is causing many to abandon all these non-material units (dollars, yen, pounds, etc.) and STORE their wealth in what they view as stable units over the longer term. Expect more confusion and chaotic events in the future as more of global investors and the public become AWARE of this new economic philosophy.

    Check out this website if you desire to understand the new concept of ‘consciousness’: And follow the new paradigm of economics by checking in with this website in the future: Enjoy!

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