The Gold Meltdown - What Happened?

In today's Trade School video, we're going to be looking into what caused the recent meltdown in gold prices. How could gold drop so precipitously in such a short time, given what's going on in the world? Did it have anything to do with the ETF GLD or was a country forced to sell its precious metals to satisfy creditors?

I will share with you how you could have systematically made money in gold using our Trade Triangle technology, which has produced some very positive results over the years.

Since 1975, there have been 13 bear markets with an average drop around 14%. This would put gold below the $1,300 level, around $1,280.

In this short 4 minute video on gold, I will illustrate the importance of having a solid game plan and a market-proven approach. We will go through each trade in gold and share with you the results of using our Trade Triangle approach from the beginning of the year.

This approach is not for everyone, but we think you will agree that the results certainly speak for themselves.

Thanking you in advance for watching this video on the meltdown in gold.

Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

12 thoughts on “The Gold Meltdown - What Happened?

  1. @Rasesh. To set your record straight. You made one comment on gold and it was a few weeks back in mid Feb when you said it was possible to air that gold was in a bull market on its way up, or in a bar market and bottoming .
    It is important to be factual rather than vainglorious. Please respect the truth and our good sense.

    1. Dear Cape,

      Thanks for your comment,

      for some intermediate trend, i have given that idea, but that was with clear instruction about short term views. otherwise, i was just telling about bear trend only in rest of my all other post. you can understand that short term views may differ then overall trend forecasting.

      if you want to get more details accordingly, provide me your e-mail id, i will clear your all doubts.

      finally, please point-out that i never express anything for record purpose.

      1. I want you to know rasesh that we do not care at all you but we do care about your arguments and the facts you cite.
        You said that gold could be going up or down. Now you say that you not surprised that it has been routed. Almost everyone else, top analysts included, were surprised. But not you.

        1. as i suggest, you have not provided your mail id, then how can i give you details of related facts.

          Also you are requested to let me provide a copy of post, in which i have said that " gold could be going up or down." as you are referring above

  2. Nothing surprising about meltdown of Gold and Silver, as this was quite expected and well anticipated in the same manner.

    Just from this INO platform, i have given warning of such disaster and Weakness in the same for so many times, since September last year, or around Gold Price of $ 1850 however people were not ready to understand anything, some advocate of bulls had also advised me to clear my short position, but i never hold neither long nor short, and what ever i was expressing that was purely based on Technical studies.

    "Born Bulls" are still finding reasons or factors to get bull run again, but except some bounce backs or Technical corrections, no more hope remains, and bear trend will continue for pro long face, so don't try to catch lower bottoms, it may prove illusive.

    And finally, now, and next it will be a turn of currencies, and we found the same patterned disaster across the counters. impacts, thereof, will may be, more deeper and wide spread of the same.

  3. What do you mean "what happened." The horrid action of the mining stocks for 18 months was a clear indication something was very wrong, that and the fact that prices could not go higher with what "should" have been bullish news. History has shown many instances when the mining company stocks lead the actual metals prices one way or the other.

    And no, gold is not a "fear trade" I already discussed that the other day. It was not a safe haven in the '87 crash, the Asian contagion, right after 9-11, it fell apart in the 2008 collapse, the Euro crisis, many more. It's all about the debt and the dollar and inverse correlations.

  4. Gold is in a normal correction for the rise from $250 to $1920.2 .
    Downside can go to the $800's before correction is complete if that
    is what the market makers wish to inflict on the gold bugs.

    1. Gold hasn't been $1900 for A LONG TIME. He was speaking of a 14% drop in price the last few days.

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