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Weekly Gold Report (May 13th through May 17th)

Outside of a late week Currencies surge, there were very few fireworks to report in last week’s business. This week however, may be a different story.

Thursday and Friday of last week provided some decent movement in the Dollar and Euro, but it appeared things began in the Japanese Yen, then spilled over. Throughout the last several weeks, there have been multiple attempts to push the Yen to new lows for the year, but it always seemed that somehow the plan was foiled. After the selling pressure triggered stop-orders below support, all other Currencies had to react. There was a firm rebound in the US Dollar and an inverse move in the Euro Currency. Surprisingly, the swings in the Currencies had very little impact on outside markets. In fact, most other sectors of the markets were rather stale and choppy. A Treasury Bond auction had some impact on the 30yr bonds and 10yr Notes, but there was little else in the week that provided any excitement. The same goes for the Gold Futures. Normally, traders would use the direction the Dollar or the Stock Indexes as a guide for what to expect in the Metals, but those former relationships are no longer in play on a day to day basis.

This week, there are a few decent reports in the US and Europe that should provide some decent movement. In the United States, Retail Sales, CPI, PPI, Empire State Manufacturing, and Philly Fed reports will be worth watching. In Europe, traders will be following economic data out of Germany along with European GDP figures to provide sustained market direction in at least the Currency sector, but I am unsure whether or not it will carry over into the Metals.

The Weekly Chart of June Gold shows the Futures prices consolidating around $1425. I still believe that Gold Futures may have some further pressure ahead while the US stock indexes remain stable and strong. One thing that will be interesting to watch would be if the Gold Futures ever return to being a “flight to safety” vehicle if the stock market corrects. I will keep a tight watch on that former relationship as the stock market continues its questionable rally into uncharted territory.

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Brian Booth
Senior Market Strategist
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4 thoughts on “Gold Chart of The Week

  1. Gold Floor Line depends on all Banksters...the BIG Banks That Will Not Be Allowed to Fail...and the QE ofthe Feds.
    They manupilate the Precious metals as they want, whenever they want...Read Butler, Ed Steers and CFTC's reports, VSA's as explained by former syndicate trader ...a plenty...
    Paper Gold futures is crashed...Banksters deman physical Gold from ETF's and Comex which is Sold @ Premium to the Hungry Asian buyers: China & India....and the Game Goes On...

  2. Check out the reason for the fluctuation of gold: Strengthening and weakening of the dollar. Gold will also ways be a good asset to have. It is not just paper.

  3. Gold has rarely if ever been the "flight to safety" as touted so often, facts prove it. 1987 crash, gold crashed right along with. Same with 1997-98 Asian/LTCM mini collapse, the week following 9-11 gold fell apart, 2008 collapse gold and the miners went off the rails. Same with last year's European crisis, and this years Cyprus collapse. There are many more examples.

    Once again, there has been more to the precious metals bull market it doesn't take much research to uncover it. Hint: US dollar and debt inverse relationships.

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