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  1. Who is John Galt.
    Who is John Galt.
    Who is John Galt.
    Yes we know who Edward Snowden is,,,,But who is John Galt.

  2. Bernanke: Thank you Lord for keeping me safe from Rick Perry and the Tea Party crazies who threatened to kill me for printing money.
    Merkel: I can think of 5 good reasons you shouldn't tap my phone!
    Sebelius: It's true! I finally got promoted to my own level of incompetency.
    Heins: Unless your phone looks like a small jewelry box, you'll never look as gay as me!

  3. Bernanke: Please let me out of this job before the real #^%$ starts flying.
    Merkel: FU Obama
    Sebelius: What did you expect? You hired me for crying out loud!
    Heins: The Blackberry mini - A tiny phone for tiny hands.

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