15 Hand-Picked Charts to Help You See What's Coming in the Markets

Everyone uses gas: See this chart that shows why its price is heading lower

By Elliott Wave International

Have you ever seen price charts that tell a story clearly? Here is a perfect example from Robert Prechter's most recent monthly publication, The Elliott Wave Theorist.

By combining headlines from newspapers with the price chart for retail automotive gasoline, Prechter paints a clear picture -- that you can see for yourself -- as to why gas prices will probably go much lower.

Prechter chose 14 more charts like this one to explain to his subscribers where the financial markets are headed in 2014. They cover markets like the S&P 500, NASDAQ, the Dow, commodities, gold, and mutual funds. With this information, they are now prepared to be on the right side of the financial markets. (And you can be, too, because, in a rare opportunity, we can offer you a look at the whole issue -- FREE.)

Prechter says that "charts tell the truth." Here is your chance to see what truths these charts are telling. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this latest publication is like reading more than 15,000 words of his market analysis.

Pointer: Be sure to check out one of the coolest charts, which shows how Main Street investors actually see the markets better than Wall Street. For a limited time, you can read the full issue for free. Read below for details.

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