With The World Spinning Out Of Control, Have The Markets Got It Right?

It seems everywhere you turn there is bad news around the world. Whether it's the Ukraine and Russia shooting down a passenger plane, all the problems in Afghanistan and Iraq with ISIS, and let’s not forget, Hamas and Israel.

Despite having every known obstacle and block thrown in its path, the markets continue to march on and trend higher. How much longer this can go on is anyone's guess.

Somewhere along the line, the markets will make a turn to the downside and when that happens I certainly don't want to be left holding the bag based on what the pundits are saying. I trust in the Trade Triangle technology given its solid track record.

Today, I will be looking at the major indices and indicating where the "line in the sand" is drawn to exit positions should a downturn occur.

I'll also be looking at Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) with its big break down today. I'll share with you one indicator that could have helped predict today's move.

I'll be taking a look at Bitcoin BTC Bitstamp (BITCOIN:BITSTAMPUSD) and discussing why that market suddenly got very quiet. Is this morning the quiet before the storm? I'll give you a key level to watch in Bitcoin because if this level is broken, you may want to own this virtual currency.

I will also be looking at gold (FOREX:XAUUSDO) and figuring out why it has not gone up during all of these flareups around the world. Has the psychology of this market totally changed?

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Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-Creator, MarketClub

2 thoughts on “With The World Spinning Out Of Control, Have The Markets Got It Right?

  1. When has there ever not been problems, often far more serious? Your recency bias and need for revenge as seen with your "I just know my shorts will work out and my gold will miracously soar unlike in 2008" mindset sounds great to a particular subset but its neither great strategy or objectivity with profits in mind. The entire time you've been waiting for disaster so you can finally claim some sort of bizarre pyrhhic victory won't make up for failing to take serious advantage of one of the greatest 5 year bull runs ever.

  2. Most of market, whether it is stocks, precious metal, base metal, agriculture commodity, Treasury notes, bonds or oil and gas, etc.etc. or any other spot or future markets, across the globe, together with it's participants, whether they may be a investors, traders or analysts or economists, most of them neither understand market nor can predict anything, with enough confidence.

    All trades every where, just taken place being as reflective action of some short term event or news, and most of trades are based upon baseless guess, in fact nobody knows, what actually will happened to be?, how? when? why? and up to which extend? because even all basic principles of economics are all ready broken in a very bad manner, only artificial money power proven as a driving force of this momentum.

    I think, we just cant expect any logical or rational behavior from any point, until entire maliciously created market structure will collapse. i am very regret to express my view that forth coming Financial Disaster, just and only "Financial Disaster" will change and reinstate situation.

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