The Worst Investing Mistake You're Probably Making Right Now

By: Francisco Bermea

The moment the market opens, my inbox gets flooded with alerts I've set up to notify me when a holding makes a big move, hits a stop-loss, releases important news, etc.

The other week, I was inundated with messages telling me several of my holdings hit 52-week highs. In fact, in just one day, I received 11 different alerts of stocks hitting new highs.

To a huge portion of the investing community, a stock hitting 52-week highs strikes a Pavlovian response... they immediately start thinking about selling. After all, one of the first lessons investors are taught is to "buy low, sell high."

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Forget Iraq, Here's What You Should Be Doing Today

So it's Friday and we have come to the end of another trading week and the question is, what positions will you be comfortable holding this weekend? Yes, I know there are lots of problems in Iraq and other parts of the world that can weigh on stock prices, but the reality is, there are always some stocks that are moving up in the world.

In today's video, I show you how to apply our "52-Week New Highs on Friday" Rules and how you can make money in the very short-term using this simple strategy.

We have had a number of members use this strategy successfully and it is one that you should definitely look into. I will show you the exact steps that you want to take to make this happen for your own account. It's not complicated, it simply is a way to look at the market and determine whether you should be long a stock or short a stock over the weekend.

Every success this weekend with this technique,
Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

Grandma and McDonald's were right and grandma was one heck of a trader!

Did you ever have your mom or grandmother tell you not to put all of your eggs in one basket?

Well it turns out they were right. Grandma, knew a great deal about the power of diversification and how it reduces risk both in business and in trading.

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