A New Bull Market In Gold?

We continue to think precious metals are one of the best risk vs. reward opportunities right now.

Last week, we shared the Gold to $5K Report with you from our friends over at All Star Charts.

You can check it out here, in case you missed it. The report outlines all of the reasons why Gold could hit $5,000/oz. sooner than the crowd expects.

Today we want to reiterate that it's not just Gold that looks attractive here. Silver is also poised to move higher.

Gold and Silver Futures Chart

As you can see above, Gold & Silver are confirming one another by hitting 6-month highs together.

The current leg higher began a couple of months ago after both metals formed a failed breakdown at support. As you might know, failed breakdowns often lead to fast moves higher, and we're starting to see that play out.

Silver Futures Chart

When you zoom out and look at a long-term chart of Silver, you'll notice it's in the process of forming a massive Cup & Handle pattern that dates back to 1980.

The next long-term objective for Silver is around $50, which is the all-time highs from 1980/2011. That's more than 100% higher here!

Be sure to download this free report to learn how to profit from this potentially historic move.

The INO.com Team

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