The Psychology of Commodity Price Movement

The price of a futures contract is the result of a decision on the part of both a buyer and a seller. The buyer believes prices will go higher; the seller feels prices will decline. These decisions are represented by a trade at an exact price.

Once the buyer and seller make their trade, their influence in the market is spent — except for the opposite reaction they will ultimately have when they close the trade. Thus, there are two aspects to every trade: 1) each trade must ultimately have an opposite reaction on the market, and 2) the trade will influence other traders. Continue reading "The Psychology of Commodity Price Movement"

5 new trading videos you may have missed yesterday

If you missed any of my 5 new trading videos you can watch them here.






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How to speed up web browsing and enjoy life

Here's something you can use right away; it will help you enormously on the Internet and it has nothing to do with MarketClub.

Well maybe it has a little to do with MarketClub, because I am demonstrating the new Safari 4 browser using our website, Safari 4 is the new web-browser available to users for free by Apple. This new version has been under beta-testing for quite some time and could possibly be the fastest browser on the web today.

This short video shows you one of Safari 4's greatest features. Apple calls it Cover Flow and you'll will call it marvelous.

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