Momentum Trading with Mark McRae

In my position I'm blessed to have access to dozens of top traders and investors, Adam being the BEST (in my humble opinion) and one guy I can always turn to is Mark McRae. Mark has taught us many times over the past year (see previous Mark McRae posts) and today I asked him back for your benefit! He's recently released a new trading report that's more of a mini-course then a one time report, so it'll be updated with ALL his latest findings. Please enjoy the article, ask Mark questions in the comments, and jump on his new trading report/mini-course!


One of the most basic and widely used indicators is that of momentum.

Before I go on to tell you how we can use the momentum indicator to trade with, I want to explain the difference between a leading and a lagging indicator.

Nearly all indicators are lagging indicators. That is to say that the price must first move in order for the indicators to react. So you will inevitable get a situation e.g. where the market will rise shortly followed by the indicator. This is where the term lagging comes form in trading.

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