A New Look At Exit Strategies

With the level of volatility in today’s markets, many of us may be questioning our confidence regarding our personal exit strategies. Allow trading expert and professional, Chuck Le Beau, to show you how to avoid big losses and to better understand the setup of a sound exit strategy.

Discover what has aided this trader’s success for years…

The INO TV Team

"Saturday Seminars" - Futures Strategies for Stock Traders

In recent years, Charles Le Beau has been doing a great deal of research on stock trading and has found that knowledge of futures strategies can be extremely valuable to stock traders, particularly in today's volatile markets. In his workshop, Chuck will explain how various technical trading strategies, originally developed for futures traders, can easily be applied to short term stock trading. This presentation will present reliable entry methods and emphasize the importance of good exits. Futures traders and stock traders interested in technical analysis should find his ideas to be simple, practical and highly profitable.

Chuck Le BeauFor more than twenty years Chuck Le Beau was employed by E. F. Hutton where he served as Vice President, Regional Futures Director. He is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and a noted developer of trading systems. His book on futures trading, Computer Analysis of the Futures Market, is considered a modern classic. His new video, A New Look At Exit Strategies, reveals the secret to gaining bigger profits in your trading...stocks, futures or options.


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