What Do The Macros Tell Us About The Market?

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When the macros make the market in energy and stay way out ahead of the U.S. Fed!

This week’s attention has been almost entirely on the U.S. Federal Reserve and raising the Discount Rate by 50 basis points. The Fed’s charge is to bring inflation back in line with the goals of a stable market. The problem is this, when the actions of the FED are either too weak or too late, when they finally do act, it may be ill-timed at the very least, if not outright wrong.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen the GDP turn negative at -1.4%. We saw the Consumer Price Index come in at an 8.5% rate, year over year, and we got the Producer Price Index came in at a 40-year high of +11.2%.

These macros alone showed the markets just how far U.S. inflation had gotten out of control. No matter how much the Fed, or the Treasury Secretary, said the word “Transitory,” they just couldn’t fool markets back into line. It takes action. The macros tell us the FED action is “too little and too late.” Continue reading "What Do The Macros Tell Us About The Market?"