Here's One Stock That Could Do Very Well In Q4

There are two months left in the quarter and the Fed continues to dither, and if anything, create uncertainty in the marketplace. I read this morning there's a 52% chance that they will raise interest rates in December. That means there is also a 48% chance that they will not raise interest rates in December. This uncertainty and lack of direction from the Fed is causing anxiety problems for the market.

That aside, I do have a stock that I think will do well for the balance of the year. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (NYSE:TSM) had a monthly green Trade Triangle trigger yesterday. The stock has the potential to move up as much as 20% in the next several months. In today's video, I'll show you why I think it can move up 20% from current levels. I will also share with you an important technical aspect that makes me believe that this can happen this quarter or early in Q1 of 2016. Continue reading "Here's One Stock That Could Do Very Well In Q4"

Will The Force Be With The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)?

Today, I am going to be analyzing the stock of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS), who reports earnings after the bell today.

Like many of us, I grew up with Mickey and Donald and the rest of the Disney characters. Disney as a company is loved by folks around the world and has a strong brand. That said, the stock can and does have corrections and it may be set for another correction after the earnings come out tonight. The market itself seems to have a little bit of a negative tone, which is indicating to me to be on the sidelines in this stock at the moment.

The recent red weekly Trade Triangle for Disney is the first red flag that the stock may have put in a top. While not as significant a change as a monthly Trade Triangle, it should not be ignored. The second red flag for Disney is the glaring negative divergence between price action (number 6) and the MACD (number 8). This is not a good sign and the divergence could be a warning of an impending drop in this stock.

This in-depth analysis of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) is not saying that this stock is going to collapse. I am only reporting on certain technical elements that could cause this stock to come under downside pressure. Continue reading "Will The Force Be With The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)?"