Top 3 Dividend ETF's Every Dividend Investor Should Consider Owning

Matt Thalman - Contributor - ETFs

With an explosion of ETF's over the past few years, finding quality, goal specific, industry or type focused funds can be very challenging. With dividend investing growing in popularity, today we will be looking at 3 ETF's that focus on dividends. Two will be more focused on investors looking for high yields while the third will be more traditional and offer the dividend investor safety, security and a solid yield.

So, let's get right to it.

The first pick is the Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (GYLD). The GYLD is a high yielding ETF, currently boosting a 7.67% dividend yield, which focuses on finding and investing in the 150 highest yielding investable securities in the world. The ETF holds both stocks and bonds and that ratio currently sits at a 60/40 split. The ETF's top 3 holdings include Whiting USA Trust II (WHZ), CVR Partners, LP (UAN) and Alon USA Partners, LP (ALDW), of which two are oil and gas partnerships. Continue reading "Top 3 Dividend ETF's Every Dividend Investor Should Consider Owning"