Fibonacci Tips For E-mini Futures Trading - Part Two


As traders, we are quick to put on mental shackles. Bind ourselves to a way of thinking that lives somewhere between no-sense and nonsense. No trader makes it through unscathed. We all get a little taste of the snake oil in one form or another. However, if you are going to succeed in building your trading business, you must learn how to trade. Interestingly enough, the most powerful tools available in today’s hi-tech trading arena, in my opinion, aren’t the new ones; it’s the tools that are steeped in a rich history, the ancient of days.

  • Candlestick Signals - 400 years old
  • Fibonacci Sequence - Created “In the beginning” discovered by man recently in 1202

In our previous article, Fibonacci Tips For E-mini Futures Trading, we covered the basics of Fibonacci Retracements in the context of an uptrend. In this article, we will use the same concept and approach, but we will simply apply them in the context of a down trend. This is a large part of why Day trading E-mini Futures is so attractive. Unlike investing in a company where you often wait weeks, months, or even years for the stock to appreciate, E-mini Futures’ profit opportunities are as readily available in a downtrend as they are in an uptrend. Continue reading "Fibonacci Tips For E-mini Futures Trading - Part Two"

Four Critical Goal Setting Tips for E-mini Futures Trading

One of the most common characteristics among highly successful traders is being extremely goal-oriented. People are most effective, happy, and not surprisingly, physically and mentally healthy when they have clearly established goals. From the small and mundane tasks, such as cleaning your desk, to more important life issues ranging from child rearing to estate planning, having a goal and making steady progress towards that goal creates a state of mental clarity and a sense of purpose.

That’s the good news. The flip side of the coin is that poorly planned goals can have the complete opposite effect. Once we firmly establish a specific goal, our subconscious kicks in gear to “get ’er done”. This has nothing to do with will power — it’s simply the way we are wired. While establishing and pursuing goals can lead to a higher quality of life, unless they are structured properly, they can also lead to depression and an overwhelming sense of failure. So before we start flipping those switches and the synapses start firing, let’s clarify some sound and solid principles that will become the foundational structure of every goal we set both in our E-mini Trading business and other areas of our life as well. Continue reading "Four Critical Goal Setting Tips for E-mini Futures Trading"