Golden Opportunity for These 3 Mining Stocks

It’s been a tough year for investors in the Gold Miners Index (GDX), with the ETF shedding 38% of its value since its April highs.

It’s been a tough year for investors, with the ETF shedding more than 45% from its multi-year highs. A gold price decline exacerbated this tumble. For the weakest producers, this is a concern.

While this has led to many investors steering clear of the sector, some miners are now at their lowest multiples since the 2015 bear market bottom, when margins were half what they are today. Many miners were carrying considerable amounts of debt.

Today, this same group of producers will enter Q4 2022 in net cash positions, are paying out dividends double that of the S&P-500 (SPY), and are much more disciplined, learning from past mistakes. To summarize, I see this as a rare opportunity to buy a few high-quality businesses.

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