Where do you think Facebook is headed?

Yesterday, Facebook closed below $26 for the first time. Where do you think Facebook is headed from current levels? We appreciate your business and your viewpoint, so please vote and leave your comments on Facebook right here.


Where do you think Facebook is headed?

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Caveat Emptor: Facebook Shareholders May Get 'Zucked'

A new term was introduced into the financial lexicon recently, to get 'Zucked'. The term was coined by investors in the Facebook (FB) IPO. Participants in the IPO have brought legal action against the company stating they were misled. The U.S. Senate Banking Committee has vowed to investigate assertions by investors they were hoodwinked. The stock is down over 27% since the IPO.

There have been several articles written in regard to these developments so I won't rehash the details. Suffice it to say, copious amounts of Facebook shares were sold at the high end of the price range. This maximized the windfall for CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other insiders and fashioned a far-fetched valuation for the company. Nevertheless, Facebook devotees argue that the company will eventually validate its sky-high valuation by leveraging its enormous user base and colossal amount of data collected. Continue reading "Caveat Emptor: Facebook Shareholders May Get 'Zucked'"

Facebook's IPO Do-Over, This Time At $32

Clearly, Facebook's (FB) $38 IPO was a bust (because the price dropped). So, the "market" took matters into its own hands. First, it tossed out the Morgan Stanley (MS), Goldman Sachs (GS) JPMorgan Chase (JPM) triumvirate's hype, dismissed Nasdaq's day-1 blunders and ignored investors' cries of "Foul!" Then, it focused on the real Facebook: A large, unique company with broad market appeal, a global brand name, and a potentially bright future.

So, what is the result? $32 is the market-determined IPO price. Continue reading "Facebook's IPO Do-Over, This Time At $32"

Facebook falls flat in public debut

AP Technology Writer

(AP:NEW YORK) After all the hype, Facebook's first day as a public company ended where it began. Its stock closed at $38.23, up 23 cents, after pricing Thursday night at $38 per share.

After an anxiety-filled half-hour delay, its stock began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market for the first time as investors were finally able to put a dollar value on the company that turned online social networking into a global cultural phenomenon.

The stock opened at 11:32 a.m. at $42.05, but soon dipped to $38.01. By noon, it was up again at $40.40, a 6 percent increase. Continue reading "Facebook falls flat in public debut"

Facebook stock jumps in public debut

AP Technology Writer

(AP:NEW YORK) Facebook is updating its status to "public company" as its stock jumps in its debut on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

The stock rose to $42.05 on Friday morning. CEO Mark Zuckerberg smiled as rang the opening bell from Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. Surrounded by cheering Facebook employees and wearing his signature hoodie, the 28-year-old pushed the button that signals the opening of the stock market in New York. Continue reading "Facebook stock jumps in public debut"