1 ETF That Could Turn The Fear Of Cyber Attacks Into A Fortune

Matt Thalman - INO.com Contributor - ETFs

Over the last few weeks news about the Federal Government data hack has caused a lot of fear and worry from not only the over 4 million current and prior government employees, but all Americans. The thinking is that if hackers can break into the US government databases and retrieve very sensitive personal data on current and past employees, what can't they hack into?

Well it seems like the hackers can and have gained access to nearly whomever they want. Besides the recent hack of the US Government, other notable high-profile hacks over the past few years consist of JPMorgan Chase in 2014; Home Depot in 2014; Target in 2013; Visa and MasterCard in 2012 have all seen their computer systems broken into. In most of these cases banking, credit card and debit card information, was stolen. But, with the US Government hack, it appears all sorts of personal information such as names, addresses, social-security numbers and more were targeted. (With that information the hackers can do a lot more damage to an individual than just run up some credit card bills.)

This well-deserved fear has led many investors into wondering how they can turn this bad situation into an investment opportunity. One could start by buying shares of cyber security software firms like FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, and Frontinet, or by buying the hardware manufacturers like Cisco Systems or Juniper Networks. But with that strategy the issue is correcting picking the right company or companies that will benefit the most from the increasing demand for cyber security. Continue reading "1 ETF That Could Turn The Fear Of Cyber Attacks Into A Fortune"