Fed on the Brink of Dovishness?

Lior Alkalay - INO.com Contributor - Forex

After fending off one blow from the SNB and another, albeit positive, surprise from the ECB, investors’ focus will, naturally, shift to next week when the Federal Reserve’s rate decision will take place. “What will Yellen say this time?” markets want to know. Can the Fed Chairman really stay hawkish while the rest of the world is plunging into a new cycle of easing? These questions have loomed over Fed meetings for a while now, especially as Oil prices plummeted and inflation expectations lowered. Yet to the surprise of many Fed watchers and investors, Janet Yellen, “the dove,” continued to press forward with a hawkish tone, giving an upbeat assessment on growth and stressing the Fed’s conviction that disinflation (low Continue reading "Fed on the Brink of Dovishness?"