ETFs That Let You Play The HOT IPO Market

In 2019 the Initial Public Offering market has been on fire. We have seen huge pops in share prices from some of the big-name companies like Uber, Levi Strauss, Lyft, Pinterest, Zoom Video, CrowdStrike, Chewy, and of course Beyond Meat. And actually, Beyond Meat was the “biggest popping U.S. IPO since 2000”.

The vast number of fast-growing companies that have hit the market in 2019 and the promise that investors see from these stocks has caused some investors to take on more risk than they should when they rush in after the large pops and buy up shares of the already somewhat inflated stock.

This leads to the biggest challenge of investing in newly public companies, which is first determining which ones are the next Pet.coms and which ones could go on to become the next The risk is extremely high with recently IPO’d stocks, and especially ones that have seen some of the increases we witnessed in the first half of the year because in most cases profits are still none existent. But a few different Exchange Traded Funds are available which will give you exposure to these hot new IPOs, but minimize your overall risk.

Instead of cherry-picking which recent IPO’d stock or stocks you think can become a monster winner from here, you can buy all of them and feel good knowing you will have some skin in the game. So, let's take a look at which ETFs you may want to research further. Continue reading "ETFs That Let You Play The HOT IPO Market"