Using Real-time News to Profit in Today's Unreal Market Conditions

Its no secret that here at MarketClub we are technical traders. We look to the charts to reveal setups and trends that we expect to act a certain way. Technical trading is not for everyone though, that's why we have invited our friends from Benzinga to tell you a bit about trading the news. Enjoy and be sure to visit the Pro's at Benzinga for more insight on trading news.

Every day, investors from all over the world discuss the prospect of trading on technicals or fundamentals. It is much less common, however, that investors discuss the idea of trading the news. But by doing so, it can provide them with an opportunity for quick intraday gains, as market-moving headlines can make a stock soar or send it plummeting to its death.

Without question, the key to successful headline trading is to receive the news in real-time before the stock has made its move. The news regarding M&As, FDA approvals, increased guidance, or new contracts frequently (and immediately) send shares higher the moment the news is released. On the other hand, key personnel resignations, secondary offerings, and disappointing economic data generally provide profitable short opportunities. The moves can vary anywhere from a few percent points to more than 50% gains or 50% reductions.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key investing opportunities that can be brought on by breaking news: Continue reading "Using Real-time News to Profit in Today's Unreal Market Conditions"

Forex Fundamentals: The Other Side Of The Coin

Many of you know from reading the Trader's Blog that we often talk about, and advocate, technical trading. Today's guest blogger, Georgia Anderson of, also looks at "the other side of the coin," fundamental analysis, but she uses it in a way that is almost technical.

In this post, Georgia is going to give us her perspective on forex and fundamental analysis by way of an input-output matrix.
Technical analysis or predicting the market by looking through the previous history a currency pair is a very useful and indispensable tool that every forex trader uses, however, fundamental analysis, like its name suggests, is more fundamental in nature, and tries to see what drives the forex market in the first place.

There are thousands of market drivers that move and influence the forex market and this fundamental data can be used in a very technical way. One way to take care of these is through the approach of an input-output matrix. This matrix contains information about the factor and its influence. In simple terms, the cause and effect due to one particular factor is captured as numbers in a matrix. By doing this for all the important factors, one can get an input-output matrix that well describes the future potential market movements. Continue reading "Forex Fundamentals: The Other Side Of The Coin"