Myths and Realities of Returning to a Gold Standard

By Terry Coxon, Casey Research

The gold standard, under which any holder of paper dollars could redeem them for gold at the US Treasury, is now within the living memory of just a few million Americans, nearly all of whom would be dangerous behind the wheel. But thanks to the money printing and the federal deficits that have grown to astounding scales since 2008, and thanks also to the clashing pronouncements of Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke, the idea of a gold standard has resurfaced in the public's consciousness. Continue reading "Myths and Realities of Returning to a Gold Standard"

Gold Conspiracy

I'm confident that there are thousands of blog lurking gold bugs who are going to want to comment on this article from Mark Leibovit of Mark hits on a number of issues, which include a possible conspiracy theory. Mark will be on PBS tonight talking about Gold, and if you visit, be sure and use the promo code "INO" for a discount.

But more importantly read the piece below and let the comments fly! It's time for all of those blog lurkers to make their thoughts and opinions known!


In the short term, the precious metals, especially Gold, are trading counter to the stock market, but we have also seen precious metals rally along with stock market during the 2003 and 2008 bull cycle.  Regardless, in the long-term, precious metals should rally because of currency debasement and the resulting inflation which follows.  I have recently inaugurated the VR Gold Letter (which covers most other metals as well) to focus on the unique opportunity ahead in the natural resource arena.

Continue reading "Gold Conspiracy"

This is how much do-do we are in right now!

This is how much do-do we are in right now!

Forget your political position for a moment. Going off the gold standard and any kind of fiscal discipline has got us where we are today.

That's my take. What's you viewpoint. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

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