POLL: Will The End Of QE2 Determine Gold’s Destination?

The second run of quantitative easing is coming to a close and no one can quite agree on how it will effect the market moving forward. Regardless of your opinions on QE and QE2, the government's "easy money" policy has a profound influence on the price of gold, stocks, and the dollar.

Do you think the $100 sell off that occurred in gold this week is a sign of things to come, or will the price move higher by year’s end?

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Is The Third Quarter High In Place?

Joining us today is John Bougearel, author of the renowned book Riding the Storm Out. Enjoy as Jon states his case for why the third quarter high may already be in place. As always be sure to comment and let us know your thoughts.


The problem with being perpetually short is the need to be willing to be perpetually chased out of the market for an untold number of short-covering rallies. This strategy works well for nimble traders that have a great feel for market behavior. The reason I start this report off with the saying “if you’re not short already is that you will indeed risk missing the turn. We got a lot of ground to cover, here, so let’s start with the big picture on the weekly charts, then move right into the daily and intraday charts. Continue reading "Is The Third Quarter High In Place?"