Another Stroll Though Time w/ the HUI-Gold Ratio

This is just a friendly reminder about how bloody important it is for the HUI-Gold Ratio (HGR) leading indicator (to the precious metals sector) to maintain its higher lows status.

Yesterday the goons apparently attacked ‘paper gold’ (according to sources who stand on guard for this stuff) after the HGR had become weak.  A pleasant thing happened however, as the HGR did not buy the take down in nominal gold.  2 Hour chart above. Continue reading "Another Stroll Though Time w/ the HUI-Gold Ratio"

HUI-Gold Ratio; 3 Views, 1 Conclusion

Here is a little snippet from NFTRH 213 that showed the important indicator of gold sector health, the HUI-Gold Ratio (HGR) from three different views; daily, weekly and monthly.  As you can see, daily must hold to keep the weekly intact, which in turn must hold to keep the monthly big picture of the secular bull (for the HUI, not this sad looking ratio) intact.

This is a difficult sector to own and indeed these charts say it is best to trade the stocks regardless of what one does or does not do with the bullion.  But the conclusion is that until the HGR breaks down to a lower low, the current situation is viewed as a buying opportunity.  On the other hand, HGR will serve as a handy risk management indicator if it should unexpectedly collapse.  From #213: Continue reading "HUI-Gold Ratio; 3 Views, 1 Conclusion"