Own Tesla Without All Of The Risk

If you are like most investors, you have been watching the historic, mind-blowing run Tesla has had in 2020. Or maybe you didn't realize that Tesla Inc. (TSLA) is up more than 429% since the start of 2020. Yes, you read that correctly, Tesla is up more than 400% during a time when most companies are struggling due to the pandemic and business shutdowns the country dealt with back in the spring.

But, after seeing that sort of performance, you must be asking yourself one of two questions. First, can this continue? And is it worth the risk of buying Tesla, at let's say an all-time high, and having the stock roll-over on me days or weeks after dumping money into it?

Well, yes, Tesla can theoretically continue to run higher. I am not saying that it will or that it will not. What I am saying is, is that yes, it could continue running higher. But to the point of whether it is worth the risk, well, the same can be said. Tesla could roll over tomorrow and lose 50% in a matter of days or weeks.

So, the real question is, "how can I buy Tesla without taking on so much risk"? Continue reading "Own Tesla Without All Of The Risk"