Inside Scoop - Big Biotech Purchase On the Radar

Are you ready for the Inside Scoop?

The largest insider buy on All Star Chart's Inside Scoop list is a Form 4 filing by David Goeddel, independent director at NGM Biopharmaceuticals (NGM).

Goeddel disclosed the purchase of approximately $13.2 million worth of shares in the small-cap biotech company.

The CEOs of Camping World Holdings (CWH) and Veracyte (VCYT) both filed Form 4s reporting small purchases of their own stock.

The only 13G on our list was filed by Millennium Management, which revealed an ownership stake of 5.50% in CTI BioPharma Corp (CTIC). Continue reading "Inside Scoop - Big Biotech Purchase On the Radar"

SIX INSIDER STEPS That Every Trader Needs To Know


SIX STEPS that every trader needs to know to succeed in the markets.

Step 1: A move begins with the sponsors (smart traders) who have insider knowledge as it relates to a particular stock or market. This information will move a market up or down depending on the insiders' information. These buyers are smart, very smart, and recognize trading/investment opportunities very early in the markup cycle.

Step 2: Days, weeks, or sometimes months after a move has started, there is a brief mention in the electronic media (radio, cable, TV) or on one of the internet chat boards that a market has moved. The public hears for the first time and begins to get interested, but does not buy.

Step 3: A blurb of information appears in print media. The move also begins getting more exposure on blogs and internet message boards. The public starts paying a little more attention, and will buy a little bit.

Step 4: Wall Street and LaSalle Street brokers go into full hype mode and hawk the market to their customers. The public begins buying in greater volume.

Step 5: A full-blown front-page article appears about the particular stock or market in one of the major financial newspapers, magazines, or financial websites. This is often six months after the fact and after a market has shown its greatest appreciation. There is often heavy public buying, even a possible frenzy, as all media, brokers, and so-called "gurus" start to tout the market.

Step 6: As step 5 gets underway, the sponsors or smart traders begin to move out of the market and take their profits off the table.

The Final Step: The move ends, the market falls, and investors lose money.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If it does then you know the key rules of engagement in the market. If none of this is familiar to you then learn to recognize these six step asap. Your financial life depends on it!!

This is how the markets have worked since the beginning. I hope this insider market tip is of help to you.

Adam Hewison


Co-creator, MarketClub