The Perfect Portfolio for 10,000 or 10,000,000 Dollars

There is a saying which has been attributed to a fictional Chinese storyteller named Kai Lung and it goes like this, "May you live in interesting times".

Well my friends, we do live in interesting times, very interesting times. With China holding the largest share of US debt, inflation just around the corner, and no light at the end of the tunnel for the unemployed - these are interesting times.

So what's going to be the best plan of action for your money in the next three years? Is the value of your portfolio going to be cut in half, or is it going to double? I have my game plan in place, do you have yours?

I've given a lot of thought as to what's going to happen in the next three years. Specifically, what I am going to do with my own portfolio and my own money. I have scoped out several markets that I think are going to offer excellent opportunities, no matter what happens to the economy. Yes, you heard me right.  No matter what happens to the economy, I believe that this "Perfect Portfolio" will work for you in the next 36 months whether you have 10,000 or 10,000,000 million dollars.

We back tested The Perfect Portfolio using our "Trade Triangle" technology for 42 months through some of the toughest, most difficult markets the world has ever seen. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

All the best,

Adam Hewison

President of

Co-creator of

"Saturday Seminars" - Channel Analysis—The Key to Improved Timing of Trades

Currencies, fixed income, equities and futures are all characterized by price movement that is simultaneously both random and cyclical. The random movement is, of course, unpredictable. Cyclical movement is somewhat predictable, although not completely because the various cycles undergo gradual changes in amplitude and frequency. Channel analysis provides a simple way of focusing on the predictable. This knowledge will enable the trader to enter and leave the market at the optimum time for maximum profits. Using examples from the currency and stock markets, Brian shows you how the channel analysis method can be applied to both short-term and medium-term trading. You will learn fundamental relationships between short-term and medium-term trends, and how to decide when either type of trend is likely to change direction. You are given guidelines and rules for estimating the future target area in which the trends will again reverse direction. This will enable you to choose the trades with the highest gain potential and lower risk at the time trade is contemplated.

Listen to Brian explain his 6 rules of successful trading...

  • Hold a maximum of 8 stocks in your portfolio
  • Invest approximately equal amounts in each
  • Diversify between sectors
  • There should be a logical reason for every action
  • Should avoid the "manana" attitude
  • Analyze and learn from every mistake

Brian J. Millard earned a Ph.D. in chemistry and was a senior lecturer at London University for fifteen years before beginning to use his scientific training to analyze the stock market. He left the university setting in 1981 to establish his own investment publishing business, writing books and authoring investment software. He is the author of five books: Stocks and Shares Simplified, Traded Options Simplified, Profitable Charting Techniques, Winning on the Stock Market, and Channel Analysis. The latest editions of the latter two books have been widely acclaimed for breaking new ground in the development of prediction tools for the market. John Wiley and Sons has taken over the publishing and distribution of his books, leaving Brian free to concentrate on investment research and software development. Brian is one of the few independent investment researchers in the United Kingdom. His work has advanced the concept of channel analysis, first developed by J.M. Hurst, into the realms of probability and chaos theory. Probability and chaos theory have recently appeared in software as the program Sigma-pTM. This software predicts turning points in long term trends up to six months into the future. Interest in Brian’s work has increased dramatically over the past several years. Traders throughout the United Kingdom and Europe are discovering his low risk, high profit methods through the use of popular channel formulating and drawing software now available. Professional traders throughout the European Common Market have requested that he share his insights and expertise via seminars and personal appearances. --- To access more audios and videos please click INO TV