It’s Inflation! Case Closed...

Inflation or deflation? I'm pretty sure just about everyone reading this has heard this debate in one form or another in recent weeks. Well which is it...? There are points to be made for either side of this debate and today we will hear a good friend of ours James McClung of Stock, state his case for inflation. What do you think? Leave us a comment and let us know and be sure to stop by Stock Shotz for more on the great debate and interviews with some of the most respected names in the trading world.


We have been exploring the inflation vs. deflation debate on our show for several months and while we have heard compelling arguments on both sides---we believe that we are headed for a period of massive inflation. Will most be surprised? Yes. Most of you know that at Stock Shotz, we take a common sense approach to the markets. So as we explored this debate we did a little unsophisticated research to assist with our analysis. We started by heading down to the local grocery store to see if the price of a gallon of milk, which was marked up almost daily as the price of oil increased last summer, had gone down in the same proportion as had a barrel of oil. Answer--NO.
What? No, but what about the argument that we are in a period of deflation? Isn't the demand for milk so sparse that they are dropping the price with each gallon? Not hardly.

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