How To Take Advantage of Price Momentum

Today's guest is Chris Vermeulen, but most people know him as simply, "The Gold And Oil Guy". Chris has been trading for over 10 years, fine tuning his trading strategy year after year and continually improving timing, entry and exit points as the market evolves. Chris's latest strategy allows him to take advantage of intraday price action without even looking at intraday charts! I thought this was an interesting concept and wanted to share it on the Trader's Blog. Be sure to comment with your thoughts and visit Chris at


Most traders just don’t have the time to track the market on an intraday basis. Crazy thing is, I found a way that takes advantage of the intraday price action while never needing to look at a single intraday chart. Now we can swing trade using the daily charts but get the added performance of watching the intraday chart price action. What also makes this strategy exciting is that it works with virtually any time frame, though each time frame and investment vehicle will require its own custom settings in order to track properly.

I call this strategy a Momentum Trend Crossover. It’s based on 2 moving averages that use intraday, day, or intra-bar price action to calculate its value. Also, a Donchian channel to track recent highs/lows for protective stop placement.

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It’s Inflation! Case Closed...

Inflation or deflation? I'm pretty sure just about everyone reading this has heard this debate in one form or another in recent weeks. Well which is it...? There are points to be made for either side of this debate and today we will hear a good friend of ours James McClung of Stock, state his case for inflation. What do you think? Leave us a comment and let us know and be sure to stop by Stock Shotz for more on the great debate and interviews with some of the most respected names in the trading world.


We have been exploring the inflation vs. deflation debate on our show for several months and while we have heard compelling arguments on both sides---we believe that we are headed for a period of massive inflation. Will most be surprised? Yes. Most of you know that at Stock Shotz, we take a common sense approach to the markets. So as we explored this debate we did a little unsophisticated research to assist with our analysis. We started by heading down to the local grocery store to see if the price of a gallon of milk, which was marked up almost daily as the price of oil increased last summer, had gone down in the same proportion as had a barrel of oil. Answer--NO.
What? No, but what about the argument that we are in a period of deflation? Isn't the demand for milk so sparse that they are dropping the price with each gallon? Not hardly.

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I love their product, but I wouldn't buy their stock.

I love their shoes, but I wouldn’t buy their stock.

I own 11 pairs of these very comfortable shoes and wouldn’t think of buying their stock even with today's sharp drop.

We have been negative on Crocs (CROX) since November 2, 2007 when our "Trade Triangle" technology signaled a change in trend at 44.10. The downward trend for this stock in the past six months has been relentless.

Never thought I would be modeling my latest size 11 crocs on this blog

This from AP - April 15, 2008:

NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of shoe makers sank Tuesday, after Crocs Inc. announced guidance cuts that one analyst termed "stunning," amid lower-than-expected demand.

Crocs reduced its first-quarter outlook far below analyst expectations late Monday, citing weak sales and costs related to closing a Canadian manufacturing plant.

It looks like there's going to be continued erosion in this market. So how did we do trading Crocs? Well, we have basically had two major signals in this stock.
The first signal was way back in ’06 when a major "Trade Triangle" signaled for a positive trend for Crocs starting at 16.25 on 5/31/06. From that point on, this stock moved steadily higher and reached a high of $75.21 on 10/31/07. Since that time this market has been in a melting ice cube mode as it steadily melted down even though everybody seems to be wearing their shoes.

One of the great things about MarketClub’s "Trade Triangle" technology is how it keeps you out of stocks when the market is headed south. Most investors tend to trade from the long side of the market, so their greatest risk and their Achilles heel has got to be when a stock they're holding turns down. Normally when this happens the fundamentals still look very strong. However, when you use our "Trade Triangle" technology you don’t have to guess at the trend anymore. You are going to see on your computer screen MarketClub’s "Trade Triangles" dynamically signal when you should exit from a market that has decisively turned south.

Take a few minutes and watch our new video on Crocs (CROX) and see exactly how you would have fared using MarketClub’s "Trade Triangle" technology.

Adam Hewison
Co-founder of MarketClub