Making a Killing in Mature Oil Basins: Josh Young

The Energy Report: Josh, what is a "mature" basin? You're famously bullish on them.

Josh Young: Mature basins have well-known reservoirs and well-defined geologic characteristics. Hundreds or thousands of wells are already producing in such basins. North America has a range of them. My portfolio is almost entirely exposed to these mature basins.

"There is an old adage: 'The best place to find oil is an oil field.'"

Some of my largest positions are in mature basins in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. One company is active in the Sedgwick basin with the emerging Mississippi Lime play, a horizontal redevelopment of vertical Mississippian wells, which were originally drilled over the course of decades. And another company is active in the East Texas field, which has produced for almost 100 years and is in the process of being redeveloped. Continue reading "Making a Killing in Mature Oil Basins: Josh Young"