Kevin Puil: $4/lb Copper Is on Its Way

The Metals Report: Kevin, base metals analysts from London to Sydney to Toronto are increasing their price outlook for copper. Do you agree with their bullish outlook for 2013?

Kevin Puil: Yes, I absolutely agree with their bullish outlook. In fact, I've been bullish on copper for quite some time. Although there have been many analysts purporting that the commodities cycle has run its course, I disagree. The fundamentals for copper remain highly favorable and I continue to see secular demand for most commodities, copper in particular. Industrialization and urbanization, especially in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries, is not about to stop, and this continues to put pressure on copper miners, who struggle to keep up with demand. Supply growth has slowed due to lower grades, higher costs and political unrest. In addition, the new projects and mine expansions that were scheduled to come on-line haven't materialized, and if they do, it will not be in a timely fashion. Continue reading "Kevin Puil: $4/lb Copper Is on Its Way"