Master The Runner

Today the Trader's Blog is welcoming back Marc Nicolas of In previous posts Marc has shared invaluable trading concepts as well as tips on technical analysis. Today will be no different as he discusses the  concept of using a runner to break up lots and control risk. If you like this post be sure to join Marc and the staff for a special webinar for INO users next Wednesday, click here for more information.


To make serious money trading while controlling your risk, you need to master “the runner.” The runner is the percentage of a position which you keep open for as long as possible when the trade moves in your direction. It’s one pillar of the fundamental trading maxim, “cut losses fast, let profits run.” Sounds easy, however applying the runner principle is challenging. To understand why, we’ll look at how the most minimalist trade, buying one contract or share, can be sub-optimal. Continue reading "Master The Runner"

E-mini Index Futures - Key Trading Concepts - Part II

In January, Marc Nicolas from, shared Part I of his e-mini index futures trading concepts. Among his many tips he talked about looking for high volume markets with a thin spread, only risking 1% of your capital per trade or less, limiting the hours you trade and keeping a runner. In Part II Marc discusses emotional trading and how to avoid being a gambler.

Visit to learn more about Marc's strategies and to find out about his upcoming free webinar this Wednesday, April 14th.

Mental Risk Management

“When you learn what not to do in order not to lose, only then can you begin to learn what to do in order to win.” Edwin Lefevre, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

1. Managing Position Size
Size envy can make traders take larger positions than they should. Most people can’t walk straight into a gym and bench press 300lbs. Traders must build up financial capacity, technical skills, and emotional development, judging progress against their own levels not others.

2. Dreaming of a Big Win

Continue reading "E-mini Index Futures - Key Trading Concepts - Part II"