E-mini Index Futures - Key Trading Concepts - Part II

In January, Marc Nicolas from Tradingemini.com, shared Part I of his e-mini index futures trading concepts. Among his many tips he talked about looking for high volume markets with a thin spread, only risking 1% of your capital per trade or less, limiting the hours you trade and keeping a runner. In Part II Marc discusses emotional trading and how to avoid being a gambler.

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Mental Risk Management

“When you learn what not to do in order not to lose, only then can you begin to learn what to do in order to win.” Edwin Lefevre, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

1. Managing Position Size
Size envy can make traders take larger positions than they should. Most people can’t walk straight into a gym and bench press 300lbs. Traders must build up financial capacity, technical skills, and emotional development, judging progress against their own levels not others.

2. Dreaming of a Big Win

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Day Trading E-mini Index Futures - 9 Key Trading Concepts

Today I'd like everyone to welcome back Marc Nicolas from Tradingemini.com. Marc would like tip his hand a bit regarding his methods for trading the E-mini and how he tries to avoid being the 90% of traders that lose money! Please feel free to comment below with any questions or insight for Marc, and be sure and check out his site Tradingemini.com for a free webinar.


Trading is inherently risky, but by following nine fundamental money management rules, you keep your capital safe while building your trading experience.

Our 9 rules to keep you in the 10% winning club vs. 90% of traders who lose money:

1. Look for high volume markets with a thin spread - Orders are filled quickly and it has high volatility so there are opportunities for 2 to 4 good trades during the day. The E-mini S&P500 Index Future is a good example of this type of market (Each point is worth $50, split into 4 ticks of $12.50 and there are 4 contracts a year, traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange).

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