Invest Alongside The Pros With These ETFs

Matt Thalman - Contributor - Exchange Traded Funds ETFs

As the popularity of Exchange Traded Funds has grown with investors, so have the options investors have when it comes to the type and style of ETF they want to own. Not only can an ETF investor buy specific asset class ETFs, but they can buy ETFs designed by specific investors.

Just like how different asset classes have different risks, different investors have different beliefs about what makes a good stock. Each investor, professional or retail, has different metrics they look at, have different investment timeframes, have different investment goals, and just approach the market and investing in a different manner. These differences often make one investor successful while another fail. Following alongside well known, successful investors can help teach you what works and perhaps what you have been missing in the past.

So even if you decide not to buy an ETF that is based on your favorite investor, at least take a look at it, you may learn something. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few ETFs I have found that track the pro’s, and see what we can learn. Continue reading "Invest Alongside The Pros With These ETFs"

How To Invest Alongside "Shark Tanks" Kevin O'Leary

Matt Thalman - Contributor - ETFs

Up until just a few years ago the name Kevin O'Leary didn't mean much to most investors. But, with O'Leary starring on the hit TV show "Shark Tank", now most investors, as well as the general public at least, recognize the name. Furthermore, if you often watch Shark Tank you likely have a good idea of how "Mr. Wonderful", O'Leary's nickname on Shark Tank, likes to invest.

Mr. O'Leary often asks for a royalty deal, a few dollars every time an item is sold when giving entrepreneurs money. While some of the other investors on the show often criticize O'Leary for building in the royalty deal, claiming he is taking advantage of people, the idea behind the royalty is so that O'Leary can get his initial investment back in a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore, it acts as a safety net for O'Leary if the company he invests in is a massive winner at first but, doesn’t have the longevity to grow and become a long-term successful organization.

While the sarcastic nickname O'Leary has received on the show may not make him the best partner for an entrepreneur, it shows that he not only is a wise investor but someone that limits their risk as much as possible. For some investors, this sounds like the kind of guy they would love to be able to invest with. I mean honestly, who hasn’t watched Shark Tank and thought to themselves how cool it would be if they could partner with one of the investors on the show?

Well, you know can! Continue reading "How To Invest Alongside "Shark Tanks" Kevin O'Leary"