ETFs That Focus On Military-Friendly Companies

Most people would agree that military life isn’t an easy one, both while serving and once someone becomes a veteran. But there are a few companies that are trying to make our service members lives easier both while they are serving in the armed forces and after they hang up their uniforms.

Obviously, while someone is a member of any of the branches of our military, they are using tools, weapons, vehicles, and technology built by an aerospace and defense company which makes their lives easier and ideally their jobs safer. Let’s take a look at a few Exchange Traded Funds that operate in the development and manufacturing of these products.

One of the larger aerospace and defense ETFs, based on assets under management is the iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF (ITA). The fund carries a 0.43% expense ratio, it holds 35 stocks, with the top ten representing 75.44% of the assets, (largely due to Boeing Company (BA) and United Technology (UTX) representing 22.97% and 15.52% of the fund respectively). ITA also has a nice 1.09% dividend yield, a weighted average market cap of $80.96 billion, and average trading volume of $30.15 million. The fund has also been in existence since 2006, and its ten-year average annual performance is a positive 19.44%, making this one of the better performing ETFs over the last decade. Year-to-date the fund is up 24.25%. Continue reading "ETFs That Focus On Military-Friendly Companies"