Steady Profits in Uncertain Times

Steady profits in uncertain times, that's the dream of every investor. The question is, how do you achieve that goal?

Let's face it, there are a lot of distractions in this crazy world that we are living in. Those distractions, whether we like it or not, do play on our emotions and in turn, affect our decisions.

The same is true for making trading decisions. We are distracted many times by external events. These events, for reasons perhaps unknown to ourselves, lead us to make decisions that we ordinarily would not make.

Emotions are the #1 element to control when you are trading and certainly more money has been lost trading on emotion than has been made.

So what's an investor to do? Continue reading "Steady Profits in Uncertain Times"

The Perfect ETF Portfolio Results For 2013

Today, I will be examining the Perfect ETF Portfolio and what it has achieved for investors over the past several years. This portfolio is specifically designed to avoid risk and provide a modest return. It is appropriate for IRAs and Roth retirement portfolios using ETFs. This portfolio is our most conservative portfolio and is designed to steadily plod along and protect capital with less risk than an outright position in the S&P 500 index.

With the Perfect ETF Portfolio, we track just four ETFs in non-correlating markets. You would divide your capital into four parts and trade equal dollar amounts in each of the ETFs.

GLD - SPDR Gold Shares Trust

This investment seeks to replicate the performance and net of expenses of the price of gold bullion. The trust holds gold and is expected to issue baskets in exchange for deposits of gold, and to distribute gold in connection with redemption of baskets. The gold held by the trust will only be sold on an as-needed basis to pay trust expenses, in the event the trust terminates and liquidates its assets, or as otherwise required by law or regulation.

USO - United States Oil

This investment seeks to reflect the performance, less expenses, of the spot price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) light, sweet crude oil. The fund will invest in futures contracts for WTI light, sweet crude oil, other types of crude oil, heating oil, gasoline, natural gas and other petroleum based-fuels that are traded on exchanges. It may also invest in other oil interests such as cash-settled options on oil futures contracts, forward contracts for oil, and OTC transactions that are based on the price of oil. Continue reading "The Perfect ETF Portfolio Results For 2013"

Are You Using MarketClub's Perfect ETF Portfolio?

The reason we named the Perfect ETF Portfolio, the Perfect ETF Portfolio - POSITIVE RESULTS!

We created the Perfect ETF Portfolio over five years ago to help thousand of MarketClub members who have IRA and retirement accounts. Like anyone who has a retirement account, our members were looking for a way to protect and grow their capital, while eliminating as many future market uncertainties as possible.

The concept and main mantra behind the Perfect ETF Portfolio was simplicity itself. "DO NOT LET THE MARKET EAT YOUR NEST EGG".

Over the course of five of the toughest years that most money managers and hedge fund traders can recall, the Perfect ETF Portfolio kept chugging along producing steady returns. Continue reading "Are You Using MarketClub's Perfect ETF Portfolio?"