Contest Winners…Trillionaires…and the smartest men in the universe!

Congratulations to our contest winners in their close predictions of the DJI and DX closing positions ending QE2 on June 30th, 2011.

Here is a little bit about our winners:

Andrew G.from PA- Winning guess for the DX: 74.377

We asked Andrew to tell us a little bit about himself and this is what he shared:

“I am a happily married 55 year old. We have two sons, one 24 and the other 22. Both graduated recently from UPenn, My oldest son is a bio-engineer, working at a medical device company, the younger one a Wharton graduate working in the financial field. I consider myself a long time student of the market and primarily, a long term investor. Having said that, over the last few years, I have concentrated my efforts on the charts, and technicals, believing that they play an exponentially larger role in the shorter term direction market. That it why I religiously follow the Market Club. It is one of the best top-grade tools for traders and helps to provide great insight as to where we go from here. It has been a great help with my shorter term trading strategies, as I continue to seek more consistency with both intraday and swing trading.”

Our other winner is:

John Hoffman from FL- Winning guess for the DJI: 12,432.39

Here is what John told us about himself:

“I am semi-retired and up until about two years ago I was helping a friend manage the administrative duties of his hedge fund (now closed). I am currently trading in my own accounts.”

All of us here at MarketClub would like to thank everyone for their participation in this fun-spirited contest…hopefully we can get another one together soon!

Congratulations again John and Andrew, enjoy your new Wi-Fi tablets!

The MarketClub Team

Are you the smartest? Prove it!

If you have been following our blog, then you are no stranger to our prediction challenge. If you missed it, you are in big trouble!! Okay, well not really, but we HIGHLY recommend that you get caught up HERE!

Emails have been pouring in with a wide range of predictions for the DJI and DX. It is fun to catch a glimpse of everyone's view of the market. If you have not yet emailed Je******@in*.com with your predictions, do so ASAP...remember, the challenge ends June 1st! Yes, QE2 runs through the end of June, but what fun would it be if we allowed you to guess up to the day before judgment?

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Good Luck,
The MarketClub Team