Do You Recognize the 3 Early Warning Signs of a Market Reversal?

Today we have a special guest blogger, Price Headley of Big Trends. Price is a Traders Hall of Fame inductee and is a regular contributor on CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg Television, and in a variety of print and online financial news outlets. Today Price will share some of his insight on a few indicators he looks for to signal a possible market reversal. Be sure to comment with your thoughts and check out Prices' new Coaching Kit at BigTrends.
In our 20 years plus of option trading and educating investors, there are certain factors that we’ve seen time and again can help foretell when the market is on the verge of a trend momentum switch.  As part of our complimentary Coaching Kit, we are highlighting how to pinpoint market reversals – part of the Coaching Kit includes a comprehensive Market Timing course that you can use to build on today’s article. Continue reading "Do You Recognize the 3 Early Warning Signs of a Market Reversal?"

The 6 Advantages of ETFs

ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, have increased in popularity over the last few years, and for a number of reasons. Today, Price Headley of, is going to give us the low-down on everything we need to know about this increasingly utilized financial product.

We hope you'll enjoy today's guest blog post and perhaps consider adding ETFs or ETF options to your portfolio in the near future. As always, we're interested in hearing what you have to say about this post or your experiences trading ETFS in our comments section.


In recent years the popularity of ETF Options has exploded.  At we have focused on ETFs for quite some time now.

The issue with ETFs and ETF Options has always been liquidity, but things have changed in that regard.  Due to the advantageous architecture of ETFs, more investors are hedging their portfolios with ETF options.  To understand the reason these vehicles are changing the options environment, let's take a look at the underlying securities and their benefits.

1. ETFs Trade Like a Stock - Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds which can only be entered or exited at the market close each trading day, ETFs can be bought and sold intraday.  They can even be day-traded just like stocks.  This advantage allows investors to make speculative bets on the direction of an index while still having the ability to exit the trade at any time of the day.  ETFs also allow short selling, as well as often being optionable. Continue reading "The 6 Advantages of ETFs"