Bike Like A Girl Breaks The Record

Well, they did it. No surprise here. Our sponsor team, Bike Like A Girl (BLAG), completed in the Race Across America (RAAM) and smashed the 8-woman record as they flew through the finish line early on Saturday morning.

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The 8-woman team, composed of 6 women from our very own neighborhood, set out from Oceanside, CA on June 20th. The ladies kept a grueling pace, averaging 19.14 mph, where the previous 8-woman record was 16.57mph. They crossed the country in 6 days, 12 hours and 58 minutes. Out of the 12 teams that left California, one was unable to complete the race. The other 11 teams reached the Citydock in Annapolis, MD, within 2 days of each other and BLAG finished only a little over 1 day behind the 8-person open winner, Team Riverside (US), which consisted of 7 males and 1 female rider. is so proud of the Bike Like A Girl team. We enjoyed tracking you across the US. First California, then Colorado, a stop off in Missouri, in familiar Pennsylvania, and now back to Annapolis, MD! What a great experience to have been tied to such incredible and powerful women. BLAG has inspired so many and has raised money to support initiatives which empower and encourage young women through cycling. president and avid cyclist, Adam Hewison, was there to represent as the ladies crossed the finish line at 4:30am, Saturday morning. He said that it was a touching and exciting moment.

So, congrats Bike Like A Girl. You women are amazing and we are so proud to have been one of your sponsors.

Lindsay Bittinger, Inc.

Bike Like A Girl - Halfway There!

Wow! Just like that, the 8 women from the Bike Like A Girl (BLAG) team are in the middle of the country and are racing home at record speed.

The ladies overtook the 8-man team from Ireland and are neck-and-neck with the 8-man Saloote Team from the UK. They are making up time on the flat straights of Missouri and are scheduled to reach Annapolis, Maryland this weekend.

If you remember earlier this month, June INO Cares campaign we told you about the Bike Like A Girl team that we are sponsoring for our June INO Cares campaign. Here is one of the women sporting our logo which is on the front of their cycling jerseys. You are making INO proud, keep up the awesome work!

Visit the RAAM site to track the team's progress! Or track them on their Facebook page for the latest updates and photos.

Lindsay Bittinger, Inc.