A Glimpse into the Coming Collapse

By Jeff Thomas, International Man

Beginning in 1999, we predicted a systemic economic collapse that would take place in the First World and would impact all other economies. We began to list some of the "dominoes" that would fall as the collapse evolved and described that the "Great Unravelling," as we termed it, would take roughly ten years. At that time, we guesstimated that the first two of the dominoes, a real estate crash and subsequent stock market crash in the US, would begin in about 2005.

We were premature in this prediction, as the first of the crashes did not occur until 2007. And, truth be told, we have frequently been incorrect in the timing of the other dominoes. Whilst the actual events have been predicted correctly, our timing has often been incorrect. In every such case, the prediction has been premature.

Sadly, however, the prediction of the events of the collapse have been almost entirely correct. Continue reading "A Glimpse into the Coming Collapse"

The Pussy Riots in Russia

In Moscow this week, the all-female Russian rock band "Pussy Riot" was convicted of "hooliganism" and sentenced to two years in prison. The heinous crime was staging a forty second event last February, protesting the Russian church’s support of the Kremlin. Russian President Putin weighed in on the case by pleading for the courts to be lenient on the young ladies and viola; the three were spared summary executions and sentenced to a forced vacation in a Siberian Gulag. This crafty response by the Kremlin was designed to scare Putin opponents but not foreign investors which are sorely needed to grow the stalled Russian economy. Continue reading "The Pussy Riots in Russia"