The Pussy Riots in Russia

In Moscow this week, the all-female Russian rock band "Pussy Riot" was convicted of "hooliganism" and sentenced to two years in prison. The heinous crime was staging a forty second event last February, protesting the Russian church’s support of the Kremlin. Russian President Putin weighed in on the case by pleading for the courts to be lenient on the young ladies and viola; the three were spared summary executions and sentenced to a forced vacation in a Siberian Gulag. This crafty response by the Kremlin was designed to scare Putin opponents but not foreign investors which are sorely needed to grow the stalled Russian economy. Continue reading "The Pussy Riots in Russia"

3 ways to the use the 200 day moving average

Today we welcome Michele Schneider to the Trader's Blog. Michele is going to share with you how she uses the 200 day moving average to trade. Michele "Mish" Schneider is the Director of Trading Education & Research for MarketGauge. She provides in-depth trader training as the market analyst, writer and host of Mish's Market Minute, contributes to several online trading publications a series of trading strategy articles called Taking Stock, and serves as a regular contributor to MarketGauge's free newsletter Market Outlook.

The 200 day moving average may be the granddaddy of moving averages. Simply put, a financial instrument that is trading above it is healthy; below it, anemic. The 200 day moving average measures the sentiment of the market on a longer term basis. This is where major players like pension plans and hedge funds need to look in order to move a large amount of stocks. I display it on all my workspaces proudly, formatted in emerald green and real thick so I can't help but notice. Continue reading "3 ways to the use the 200 day moving average"