5 Crucial Things Every Income Investor Needs To Know

From: Street Authority

We're just past the edge. The "tipping point" is here.

Don't worry -- it's not dangerous. In fact, if you're an income investor, then this might be the start of a very prosperous trend.

Between now and 2030, roughly 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every day. You might be among them. This marks a major shift that will play out for millions of people in the next years and decades. And I think it could lead to a surge in popularity for income investing.

Think about it. There's currently $13 trillion sitting in U.S. mutual funds, with most of those assets held by soon-to-be retirees, according to the Investment Company Institute research group.

Regarding where that money may go, I think my colleague Amy Calistri put it best: "As baby boomers wind down their working years, they're going to do what retirees before them have done -- shift from riskier stocks and commodities into more buttoned-down income investments. In fact, given the rocky market in the past decade and disappearing pensions, the shift could be larger than most people think." Continue reading "5 Crucial Things Every Income Investor Needs To Know"