Reduce Your SPAC Risk With SPAC Focused ETFs

A lot of wild things happened in 2020, but from an investor’s perspective, the rise of the SPAC or Special Purpose Acquisition Company may be one of the longer-lasting events. The SPAC was all the rave in 2020 as investors were flooded with SPAC’s, SPAC mergers, and SPAC-related rumors about who was going to merge with whom.

From some perspectives, the SPAC is a very good thing; maybe not so much from others. Still, regardless the SPAC for a lot of companies, the SPAC was an easy, cheaper way to go public and raise funds for their organization without having to jump through the traditional IPO or initial public offering process.

Similar to the number of IPO Exchange Traded Funds, like the First Trust U.S. Equity Opportunities ETF (FPX) or the Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO), which offer investors a way to play recently IPO’d stocks, without having to purchase these stocks so after going public themselves. Investors also have a few ways to play SPAC’s without following them intently and tracking which mergers occurred and which ones have yet to close.

The first SPAC ETF that came to market was the Continue reading "Reduce Your SPAC Risk With SPAC Focused ETFs"