New video shows just how high gold and silver can go

The gold and silver markets rallied dramatically to the upside as concerns and worries over oil supplies, inflation, and general nervousness in the world markets pushed both metals into new high ground.

I have just completed a new short video where I share with you my upside target zones for gold. The video only takes a few minutes to watch and emphasizes how important technical analysis is in the gold market. Our weekly Trade Triangles have been long gold from $1,368 and it looks as though that position is going to work out well.

We also refer back to a video that I made on September 20th last year, which underscores the importance of cyclic work in the gold market and, how if these same cycles hold true, can predict with a fair degree of certainty when the next cyclic high is going to occur. Continue reading "New video shows just how high gold and silver can go"

A short gold position could pay off with this scenario

In this new 4 minute video I explain exactly what I mean by a "short gold position." It does not mean I am bearish on gold, however the scenario I point out in this video could make money by being short gold and long another important market.

The video points out what the scenario is, and which market you should be long in, against a short gold position. This is an interesting twist and a video you shouldn't miss.

As always our videos are free to watch and there is no registration required.

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The Fall of Egypt and the Future of Gold

Despite all the turmoil in Egypt and the Arab world, gold has stubbornly refused to rally. This probably causes great concern amongst the gold bugs and the folks who are bullish on gold.

As we have mentioned before many times on this blog, "perception is more powerful than fundamentals."

While the gold bugs argue that the market is being manipulated, I am more of a realist and respect what the market is actually doing. The big question on everyone's mind is: Why are food prices and other commodity markets soaring, while gold is dismally staying down in the $1,330 area?


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The big secret behind gold's $100 collapse

The question many investors are asking themselves today is, just what happened to the price of gold?

Did the world change? Did the problems in Europe go away? Did all the states manage to find funding to cover their deficits?

No, none of that happened, but gold still dropped $100.

It's all about market perception and timing, two things we've talked about many times before on the Trader's Blog. I don't know about you, but I remember when gold was over $1,400 an ounce and all I could see on TV where ads from gold companies extolling the virtues of buying gold as it is real money. Since the fall, I expect we'll see fewer of these advertisements on TV and in print.

So what did happen to gold? Continue reading "The big secret behind gold's $100 collapse"

Learn how this one little known technical indicator has been nailing the price swings in gold.

Learn how this one little known technical indicator has been nailing the price swings in gold.

Happy New Year everyone!

This is my first video for 2011 and I think it's an important one to kick off the New Year.

As you well know, gold took one of its biggest drops in quite some time on the 4th of January and so far it has failed to appreciably recover.

So what's ahead for this most precious metal? Continue reading "Learn how this one little known technical indicator has been nailing the price swings in gold."