GBP/USD Pair Rises from Eight-Month Trough Following Release of UK Data

By: Susan Wade

In March the pound rose against the US dollar, pulling the currency combination from eight-month lows.

The pound increased following the release of information that showed that the UK's trade deficit had narrowed more than expected over the course of January.

The effect of the trend was intensified by market attitudes towards the dollar, which cooled ahead of the economic reports that American is set to release.

The Pound Rises as the Dollar Falls

The trend that we are seeing within the market is an interesting one, due to the duality of phenomena influencing both the pound and the dollar. Continue reading "GBP/USD Pair Rises from Eight-Month Trough Following Release of UK Data"

Could Denmark Be The Next Country To Remove Its Currency Ceiling?

By: Susan Wade

Following on from Switzerland's removal of its currency ceiling, fears are mounting that the Danish central bank may soon follow suit, sending further shockwaves through the forex market.

Forex brokers like, global banks and traders can only watch with bated breath, waiting to see whether the country removes the fixed exchange rate policy that's been in place since the 1930s.

Mounting Fears

In the aftermath of the chaos caused by the Swiss National Bank's (SNB's) shock decision to remove its currency ceiling, investors are now beginning to ask whether Denmark could soon do the same.

The move by the SNB means that Denmark is the last major economy in the world to peg its currency to the euro. Continue reading "Could Denmark Be The Next Country To Remove Its Currency Ceiling?"

A Brief Guide to SIPPs

By: Susan Wade

Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) are a topic that many people misunderstand, but the concept of them is actually a rather simple one: essentially, a SIPP is a pension 'wrapper' that holds your investments until you retire. They work in a very similar way to standard personal pensions, with the main difference coming down to the increased flexibility that they offer the pension holder.

How SIPPs Work

SIPPs may not be hard to understand, but that doesn’t mean that they're suitable for everyone. Although their popularity has grown tenfold over the last decade, they're suited to a very specific type of person.

A standard personal pension scheme is created to suit almost everyone. It usually takes the form of a pooled fund, and an experienced professional manages your investments on your behalf. Continue reading "A Brief Guide to SIPPs"

Solid Trading Tips For 2015

This is the beginning of a new year and perhaps the best time when investment experts predict their views on the trading performance of stocks and shares. They will also analyze the upcoming trading trends and strategies for your benefit. The media has been flooded with investment queries running at the back of your mind.

An investor must follow a few solid trading tips to succeed:

• Count on the future surprises – Don’t depend on the future predictions; it’s not possible for you to see through the curtain that separates today’s happenings with that of tomorrow.

• Good and bad times lie ahead – You’ll need to determine future strategies keeping with your investment and planning goals. In order to accommodate all natural outcomes, you’ll need to formulate flexible strategies. Continue reading "Solid Trading Tips For 2015"