3 ETFs Investors In Their 30s Should Buy

Matt Thalman - INO.com Contributor - ETFs

The best time to start investing, no matter you age is always now. But depending on your age, there are better investment options than others. I recently wrote a piece discussing a few of my favorite Exchange Traded Funds geared for all investors. Now I am working through different age groups and pointing out some of my favorite ETFs that are more focused on each age group based on where investors are in their life cycle and their interests.

A month ago I published a piece geared toward 20-year-olds, and today we are going to focus on ETF options that fit better for those in their 30's. By the time you turn 30, a few things have or will soon likely happen in your life. You will have begun progressing in your career, you are making more money than when you were in your early 20's, you may be a home owner or planning to become one, you either have started a family or again have plans to do so, and lastly maintaining your health. With those three things in mind, I have found a few ETFs that play into those life changes. Continue reading "3 ETFs Investors In Their 30s Should Buy"