The one trait that all top traders have in common


After all that is a trait ALL top traders have in common and that is what ALL of you should be striving for vs. getting sucked up in all the Euro hoopla.

When looking at the daily charts, you can see we are hitting some resistance levels.  What we want to do is give things a little time to sort themselves out which means PATIENCE with a capital P before we get too cute in any one side of the market here. Continue reading "The one trait that all top traders have in common"

Simple, Practical Ways to Transform Your Difficult Trading Emotions and Improve Your Trading Overnight

Welcome back to guest blogger Mo Christiensen of Mo has been a full time trader of the emini S&P 500 futures since 2003 and through his blog he works with new and developing traders to help them speed up the learning curve to trading profitably. In particular Mo specializes in the important area of emotional management.


As traders we've chosen an intense profession, one with a very high potential for stress. The simple act of putting our money on the line, with an uncertain outcome, creates an emotional force which we need to know how to handle. If we don't, the emotional excitement of fear, euphoria, anger, disappointment, and other intense feelings, clouds our judgment and affects our ability to stay in the opportunity flow of the market.

Trading with these emotions in play, is akin to driving in a storm without windshield wipers. We can't see the road clearly, and accidents are very likely to happen!

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One Last Day For The October Contest...

If you haven't entered Trader's Blog contest for October, you only have until the stroke of midnight on Alls Hallow's Eve to enter. It couldn't be any easier... just click the INO TV and Trader's Blog October Contest link that is sitting on the right hand side of your screen. Click the comment link and just answer the question,

"Besides MarketClub's 'Trade Triangles,' what is your favorite technical analysis indicator?"

It just takes a second and there are no wrong answers, just differences of opinions. I will be using an random integer generator to pick a winner who will receive 6 free DVD/Audios from our INO TV trader's library. These 6 discs will cover an array of technical analysis indicators and will be shipped to you with no strings attached.



To see the rules of the drawing, please see the original post please click the link on the right, or click here.